Why choose an IT outsourcing company from Romania?

When you choose a software outsourcing company from Romania, you gain access to a pool of very well qualified software developers, proficient in the use of technologies such as Java, Oracle, C++, .NET or BI (Business Intelligence). Also, you can find a wide range of services that contribute to the success of your business: software development outsourcing, software testing outsourcing, software maintenance outsourcing and more. Romania ranks among the world’s top software outsourcing destinations due to the relatively low costs of labor, excellent foreign languages skills and high-quality technical education.

Why choose e-Geist?

Our unique approach enables us to provide cost effective, flexible, integrated solutions.

Organisations of any size can engage us to source key personnel on either a contract or permanent basis, manage and deliver a specific technical project or outsource their entire IT support operations to e-Geist.

We offer our clients guaranteed service levels that are entirely scalable but without the commitment of complex long-term contracts.